Calley is also a dedicated conservationist, as well as a phenomenally talented and really hard working artist.  Combining her artistic abilities with an equally phenomenal elephant artist, Calley has a passion for using her gifts to benefit the endangered ones of the planet. 

Visit TheRamaExhibition and learn more about this worldwide effort toward increasing awareness of biodiversity.  This is the essence of their collaborative touring exhibition entitled Rama, Ambassador for the Endangered Ones – A Epic Journey of Art of Soul for the Earth.
 Multi-talented, to say the least, Calley also collaborates with master stained glass artisan Lamar Yoakum in Waimea, to create elegant works of art in glass and mosaic.  

Visit CalleyOneillStainedGlass for an opportunity to turn your ideas into fine art.  Calley loves to say, “The world needs a whole lot more stained glass.”
Email Calley:  [email protected]

Aloha Calley,

I’m thrilled to read about your Kona Airport mural project. You inspire me with your unwavering lifelong commitment to the Mother and all her inhabitants!  

I send you wishes for love and peace always 🌺   Betsy

Visionary Design    Public Art, Painting  &  Murals 
Studio on the Big Island of Hawai'i
Calley's public art projects include two previous and one  commission from the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.  In 2013 and 2016 she created murals at Kipapa Elementary School on Oahu, and Pukalani Elementary School on Maui.  At present, she is in the beginning phases of a 300' stained glass mosaic and multi-media mural at Kona at Keohole  Airport.

Visit her Public Art page to learn more about these and other projects.
Calley is happy to create stunning works of art to grace your home or office.
"The greatest pleasure of working with artist Calley O’Neil, is twofold. One is her artistic quality & the other is creative design. Both meld together to formulate the most stunning art imaginable. To watch or experience Calley “in action”, from inception to completion is also phenomenal."
 Calley has devoted many years to the development and teaching of her magical Full Body Elixir, which is a daily practice that is a combination of Yoga, Tai Chi and movement/dance/meditation. 

I met her around 20 years ago on a business trip while staying at the Orchid Ritz Carlton on the Big Island. Since I took that first class, our lives have intersected regularly for practice and connection. 

A few years ago she was my guest in Alaska, and many of you met her as we hung out in Anchorage, traveled through Girdwood and Homer and went out to Stillpoint Lodge for lunch.

Calley has also had the dream to create a gigantic mural at the Kona airport that reflects the beautiful history and culture of the area and the local people, and that greats guests, both locals and visitors, with reverence and aloha. I'm so damn proud of this mighty little woman because this seemly overwhelming task is rolling forward! You can see from the photos below that she’s making significant progress.

​During these challenging days of Covid and Napa Valley fires, when sudden bad news, unexpected heartbreak and shocking developments seem to be a daily event, I want to celebrate some good news with you. We all love Hawaii and can’t wait to return there. My sweet sister yogini Calley is making a difference in our world and let's celebrate her!!

Next summer Calley intends to return to Anchorage and we will set up some outdoor Full Body Elixir practices and a weekend retreat to celebrate her return. Let me know if you are interested! text.
Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole
Just a quick note to say how much joy it brings me to see your mural photos. The project is unbelievable in scale and beauty and technical expertise. What a pinnacle showcase of your many talents, determination, heart centered approach to all.  
I just showed them to my sweetie Morgan— “wow, Mom!”
  (can you believe he’s 18?? I remember thinking Noa was suddenly a man and how did that happen??). 
Anyway, you’re amazing. Absolutely amazing. Keep going. You’re unstoppable and such an inspiration.  
Much love. 
I am just in awe!!! 
I, too feel like I have been to church! 

 I just finished viewing the entire video, and I am overwhelmed, absolutely overwhelmed! I took notes and I shall watch it again. I learned so much and don't even know how to put it into words--- starting with the Saint Francis of Assisi stained glass(St Francis was my father's favorite Saint), the wildlife, the Mandelas, the Hawaiian Madonna, and Rama the elephant - - - painting with him!  the Rama exhibition in Hilo! I'd love to see it! 

Calley working with children as she did, the Biodiversity Chapel... There's just so much!  
 Jane Goodall and Edward O. Wilson! Amazing. 

I love Calley's many quotes, particularly about everything we say do purchase, etc. MATTERS. 

 Much appreciation and love,
Calley's Retrospective Art Journey Presentation to
the Women's Club of Minneapolis, 
300 ', 
8 panels @
   40' each