Take your art from where you are to where you want to be. . .

Casual wear.   These captivating 2-3 hour private sessions 
will be reserved at your chosen time and place.  

Beginners encouraged!   No experience needed.   All supplies and materials provided. 
  Seasoned artists, it’s time to take a leap!
This is the rage for a memorable date night, anniversary, rainy day, or family fun night. Be courageous! Calley will come with all the supplies you will need, and serve the herbal tea or wine and cheese of your choice. Loosen up, laugh, and learn watercolor’s primary techniques, creating your own souvenir! It's a one-of-a-kind activity that brings your family close together, brings out your creativity, peace, and proves that there's an artist hidden in everyone! 

$150/HOUR, 2 – 3 HOURS for up to three - additional people $50 each
FIRST CLASS:  This is a fearless way to learn watercolors. Learn how to design, draw, transfer and refine your kaleidoscopic pattern onto your 16” square panel. Symmetry is magic in releasing creative obstacles!

SECOND CLASS: Learn wet into wet, as well as pick up techniques, dry brush and watercolor pencil to paint your kaleidoscope. Sit back and be amazed at what you can do! Two 2-hour sessions: 
$600 for up to three people.

Learn Zentangle pattern drawing (originated by Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas) in black pen on 3.5” fine paper tiles. A powerful way to ignite your imagination, and clear your mind, anytime, anywhere ~ even on the run. Feel the unfolding of creativity, inner peace and harmony as you and your family has fun drawing ZENTANGLE style. 

$300  For up to four people. Bring refreshments if you like!
Spend a fun, creative afternoon with renowned local artist Calley O'Neill. Choose a lovely table looking toward the ocean, and create your own masterpiece from the view you will take home as a living memory. There is no better time to bring forth the Artist Within You. Being creative helps everything in life! Imagination is a channel to Being. Choose Life Drawing or life watercolor sketching.
 $150/HOUR, 2 – 3 HOURS for up to 3. Each additional person, $50.

Always wanted to do stained glass? It’s fun and anyone can do it!
STAINED GLASS DESIGN (2 classes, 2 hours each): Calley will teach you to design your own stained glass mandala (12” sq) draw and number your cutting pattern, and paint your color cartoon.  
CONSTRUCTION in Waimea (2 classes, 3 - 4 hours each) Master Artisan Lamar Yoakum will offer you his homemade lilikoi cake, and teach you how to cut, grind, fit, foil, solder, clean, and zinc border your stained glass sun catcher, ready for hanging.         $1600 for up to four. 

The combination of creativity and visual meditation provide a surprisingly leap for uncertain artists! Ignite your imagination by creating a beautiful, colorful mandala using fine Prismacolor colored pencil glazing on 12’ by 18” black paper. Mandalas are hypnotic, enjoyable, no-fail masterpieces that you can take home and cherish. You’ll never want to stop! 
$150/HOUR, 2 – 3 HOURS for up to 3 people Each additional person, $50. 
Calley is currently hooked on these intriguing still life creations, and she will set up a beautiful Picasso style Hawaii Island themed still life in front of your eyes. Then, step-by-step, she will teach you how to lay it out, draw it successfully, and glaze paint it in watercolor. (2 ½ - 3 hours) Take that, Picasso! 
$150/HOUR, 2 – 3 HOURS for up to 3 people. $50. Each additional person.

Simple Guidelines for Great Success in Drawing.
by Calley O’Neill

1.Relax!  Deep breathe. Focus on the feelings in your body and open up a mantra.   My natural state is creativity.

2.Start small, choosing a simple object to draw with your intention set to effortless ease, joyous play, and seeing clearly without thinking.

3.Keep it simple.  This is a simple pleasure.  Simplicity is beauty.

4.Format: Lift up your hands, put your thumbs together and make a hand square frame to size and shape the view.  It’s magic! Relax.

5.See. Meditate. Breathe deeply. Quiet your mind. Stay conscious with an upright alive tall and youthful posture. Come into the now. Drawing is a healing meditation. This is about enjoying what you see, not what you have heard drawing is.

6.Begin to draw the basic structure very, very lightly. This is a key. See the basic relationships, the underlying structure and the overall shapes and lay them in first to get a sense of the proportions.  

7.See, feel and draw the textures. Let your imagination flow into your arm and hand. It’s all texture. Let joy flow to your heart and just play, letting the movement of your hand mimic the texture.

8.Look at what you are drawing and not at your paper. Looking far to near strengthens your eyes.

9.Deepen and darken your lines progressively only as they please you. Yes, I like that. Then emphasize it. This will create living lines that breathe. Intention shows through!

10.Let the details wait. Do that which you have time to do. Have fun with them while you stay true to the foundational structure. Balance chaos and control. Release! Relax.

11.Diligently pay attention so you can hear and weed out judgmental, fearful and critical thinking. Drawing is not a competition; it is a meditation on expressing YOUR OWN creativity and perception NOW. Have fun with the practice. You don’t have to be a camera. Express yourself.

12.Practice. Practice. Practice. Carry a recycled paper drawing pad wherever you go. Use a 5 (light) then a 7 (medium) and finish off with a 9 (bold) HB click pencil with renewable erasers. Enjoy seeing clearly. Keep Relaxing

13.Read Frederick Franck’s the Zen of Seeing and practice.

14. Be present and develop confidence through mantras in English.


  •  $300/two hours.  Calley also does 3 hour sessions for $500.

  • Add a $75 travel fee for any class outside Calley's studio

  • KONA AREA:  Add a $150 travel fee 
  • LARGE GROUPS:  $1,000 /2 hour session

KAMA’AINA RATES: As need be, Calley offers kama’aina the opportunity to barter for a portion of the fee.  We all have something to barter — your services, airline points, organic vegetables, coconuts, bananas, avocados. 

You are welcome to bring up to 3 people to Calley’s private sessions. Additional people (after 3) are $50 per person.


DEPOSIT: To reserve your date, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required payable by PayPal or credit card over the phone. Send to [email protected] or call Calley at (808) 987-7003 to make your reservations.  

CANCELLATION POLICY: 48-hour cancellation required to avoid full charge on your card.   Calley is working on a major mural project, so time is very precious!

Art and Soul for the Earth
 Big Island of Hawai'i