KU'ULEI KEAKEALANI is Keiki o ka’aina from North Kona, and revered lineal descendant of this land, Ka’ulupulehu, Ha’i mo’olelo (master storyteller) poet, educator, wisdom holder, Light Carrier. Former Curator at Kalaimano Interpretive Center, north of Four Seasons Hualalai Resort. A deeply moving speaker, Ku’ulei is called upon to share the stories of beloved lands in a wide variety of events around the island. She will be accompanied by her three daughters, Kamehanamauloa Keeshewa Tachera, Ku'unahenani Kiowa Tachera, and Kahaka'ioikamala'e Kapakonaneipalikapu Case.

SONNY KEAKEALANI has been described by Waimea’s Dr. Billy Bergin as ‘a traditional native Hawaiian cowboy.’ A man who knows and loves his roots, Sonny taught his children to care for the land and the animals with love and respect for the balance of nature and all living things. He taught them who they are and where they came from, and to appreciate where they are and what they have. In the tradition of true paniolo (cowboys), Sonny has carried these values throughout his life and passed them on to the community and future generations.

Enhancements include ohia arches, and ahu.  Mountain is Mauna Kea
AS WE ADD MORE GLASS: LIGHT AND COLOR HARMONY of siennas, ocres, browns, greens, blues reveal the forest, the heart of the culture and their relationship. The light will be softly streaming in at a low angle with a soft sunset glow. People learn best from stories. The stories of indigenous wisdom, culture, imagination, innovation, and aloha/love that will enable future generations to live in peace and harmony in a healthy environment. Take care of the families, respect the elders, preserve the culture and the arts, expand the speaking of ka ‘olelo Hawai’i, restore traditional ancestral knowledge, tell, chant, and dance the stories. Follow the protocols. We must steward and malama our kuleana (responsibilities, rights, privileges).
These lands are known as kekaha wai ole o na Kona (the waterless plains of north Kona). This is the furthest thing from the truth, as there is ample evidence of underground anchialine ponds. The Hawaiians of old knew the source of the water.

 Ku’ulei Keakealani

He ali’i no ka’aina, he kauwa wale ke kanaka.
The land is chief, the human is but a servant.
The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein
ESSENCE: The stories are still told in ‘oli (chants), mele (song), protocols, and hula. Here, three generations of the Keakealani ohana show the transference of ancestral knowledge.
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