Inspiring Visions in Glass - Artist Calley O'Neill teams with stained glass artisan Lamar Yoakum
Artist, muralist, environmentalist, yoga teacher and stained glass designer, Calley O'Neill
"Pretty much everybody loves stained glass and everybody thinks they can't have it," said Calley O"Neill.  "There are different levels, and it can be quite affordable."
International Day of Peace Celebration of Tutu's House
North Hawaii News features Calley and Rama as a dynamic duo.
CHRIS SPRINGER.  Born and raised in Hilo and filled with aloha, Journeyman Chris Springer has been a marble mason, granite and tile professional for fifteen years. Chris studied the trade in Las Vegas in 2002, and has a wealth of diverse experience in certified specification work, public art installation, granite and marble fabrication, tile setting, concrete and pool work, and glass tile, block, and mosaic work in numerous commercial, public art and residential projects.

Chris and his colleague, Jeremiah, expertly set all the glass pieces for Kipapa and the Path of Light, the Pukalani mural, and we look forward to working with them on this project as well.

JEREMIAH WISE was born and raised on the Big Island. He is a Journeyman for the Mason Union, and earned his degree from Hawaii Community College. An outstanding craftsman, he also radiates aloha in his very being.

Aside from being a pleasure to work with, Chris and Jeremiah bring a wealth of expertise to the meticulous thin-setting installation and durability of our murals.

We feel privileged to be, as Jeremiah assures us, "rollin' with the kanaka now!" 
JULIA FAIRCHILD Calley's right-hand assistant, works on the myriad of things that go into making the mural happen. Julia oversees a highly detailed budget, all the web work, communications, supplies and equipment procurement and helps with stained glass studio work. Julia loses herself in sewing intricate quilts, and sewing masks by the hundreds for our community.

In earlier chapters, Julia was a spiritual counselor, and legal assistant.

CALLEY O'NEILL, our local visionary conservation artist, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree summa cum laude from Pratt Institute, NY, and a Master's degree in Social Ecology, Goddard College, Vt. A favorite in Hawai’i for her authentic portrayal of the Hawaiian culture she loves, journalists have described her art, which spans four decades, as ethno-visionary, dynamic, moving, meticulous and breathtaking.

LAMAR YOAKUM Calley’s stained glass partner for 30 years, is a ‘salt-of-the-Earth’ kind of guy. A master craftsman, Lamar does the cutting, grinding, and fitting of each piece of the ‘glass puzzles’ that become Calley's epic murals.

In past chapters, Lamar was an organic farmer, a wallpaper hanger, and a voice intercept processing specialist for the US Air Force Security Service.

NOA EADS, our lead painter, is a well-known Big Island drummer in a diversity of genres, from Latin, jazz, fusion, reggae, and rock to Big Band music. He plays with Fuego every Thursday at Gertrude’s Jazz Bar, with the Castaways, Bottle of Blue, Jesse Snyder, Gary Washburn, KJ, and a wide variety of other bands, including the Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestra.

JEREMIAH HOLGUIN a holistic health practitioner and multi-media professional. In charge of our digital media, drawing projection, and assisting our mural painting team, he is the all-around best support system ever!!

Art and Soul for the Earth
 Big Island of Hawai'i