WALL 1   
Art and Soul for the Earth
 Big Island of Hawai'i
AS WE ADD MORE GLASS WE ADD NATURE In the center, the beautiful Ulu (breadfruit) tree, painted in mineral paint, will be transformed with stained glass mosaic later. The Ulu is a spectacularly beautiful tree, symbolic of sustenance, resilience, and abundance.

In the background, the first light of dawn signals a new beginning, our new beginning. The sun will radiate from within the piko (center) in rays of pearlescent, iridescent, and opalescent glass in pale blues, pinks, and lavenders. Some beams may be adorned with rare native Hawaiian blossoms. In the lower Earth, volcanic light from the center of the Earth flows in fiery tones.

Because they lived close to the land, native cultures the world over spoke the language of their place. They had an intimate understanding of plant and animal lifestyles. They knew how to move with grace and ease through the wilderness.

Seeing through native eyes means immersing the senses in nature and discovering heightened spiritual awareness and a sense of belonging.
Jon Young, Master Storyteller,  Nature Connection
KUMU KEALA CHING   This panel features, on the left, Kona's beloved Kumu Hula Keala Ching, chanting to open the mural with Aloha. He represents the kahiko (ancient) roots of the culture. His name means the path or the way, and his path is Aloha.  

A University of Hawai'i graduate, Keala is a Hawaiian language and culture scholar, kumu hula (hula teacher) for his halau (hula school), Ka Pa Hula Na Wai Iwi Ola, a composer of chant and mele (song), and Hawaiian cultural advisor. Fluent in Hawaiian, Kumu Keala lives, breathes, emanates, and teaches Aloha.  

He graduated as Kumu hula under renowned Kumu hula Braddah Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett, with whom Calley had the honor to study intensively for several years on Oahu.  

Kumu Keala shares that the Aloha Spirit encompasses all. He advised Calley that the first and last wall must be the same – Aloha because Aloha is constant over time. It is love and harmony. All Hawaiian values emanate from and reflect Aloha. The Aloha emanating from the mural will go around the world and come back again, mirroring the past and future. Knowing history, we can learn to navigate to a healthy future.  
Because we protect what we love, with Aloha, we will learn to take care of life.  

Ka wai ola (the living water) must flow through every wall, connecting them. 
ESSENCE:   Kumu Keala’s opening panel represents Pa’a iluna: the realm above, infinite beauty, the sky, and the field of awareness. It is the Universe ~ the celestial dome, with ka lewa: the air, space, atmosphere between pa’a iluna (firm Heaven) and pa’a ilalo (solid Earth).

E nānā i ke kumu, ʻO ka Honua ke kumu. No laila, E nānā i ka Honua.
Look and seek the source, the Earth is the source, therefore, look and seek the knowledge within, upon and surrounding the Earth.”

One can feel the mana connecting to the Āina here.” Āina is another Hawaiian word that defies simple translation.   It loosely means “the land,” but it’s really a sacred value, a way of co-existing with the natural world. 
Uncle Earl Regidor

Ua ola loko i ke aloha.
TRANSLATION: Love gives life within.
MEANING: Love is essential to one's mental and physical well being.

The eyes of the future are looking back at us and they are praying for us to see beyond our own time. They are kneeling with hands clasped that we might act with restraint, that we might leave room for the life that is destined to come. To protect what is wild is to protect what is gentle. Perhaps the wilderness we fear is the pause between our own heartbeats, the silent space that says we live only by grace. Wilderness lives by this same grace. Wild mercy is in our hands. 

Terry Tempest Williams

Through innovation in science and technology, and the spirit of Aloha, everything is possible. The POWER of the ALOHA SPIRIT and the ancient wisdom of the Hawaiian culture, known for its generosity, compassion, hospitality, and warm giving nature, is grounded in the principle of reciprocity. We who live in this paradise, must help support and preserve the Hawaiian culture and language for future generations. The spirit of Aloha contains so much compassion and wisdom.

Earl Bakken (1924 ~ 2018) Engineer, Medtronic Founder,  Philanthropist
Aloha is Source, Origin, Akua, Aumakua. The light that emanates from the center of the Earth is Hawai’i’s origin ~ Pele ~ the five volcanoes that created the land and aquifers, source of Ka Wai Ola (The Living Waters). One hotspot. One Kilauea. These kekaha lands are the domain of Pele.  
                        Ku’ulei Keakealani 
What you call resources, we call relatives.

Nainoa Thompson

As my kupuna taught me, ALOHA is the UNIVERSE.

Aunty Pilahi Paki (1910-1985)

There is no separation between the physical and non-physical worlds.

Kumu Keala Ching
EARL REGIDOR On the right, Uncle Earl represents Aloha's perpetuation now and into the future. Earl represents the continuation and auana (contemporary) expression of Aloha to all people now and into the future. Born in Pa'auilo, Earl is kanaka maoli (native), musician and inspiring teacher, and a Kona resident for over 40 years.  

Earl has directed the Hawaiian Cultural Center at Four Seasons Hualalai for over 20 years. Through his ever-present joyous spirit, stories, and songs, he is loved by every visitor he meets. Earl is dedicated to and active in planting koa trees, native forest restoration, and the health and happiness of future generations.