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Small (approx. 19" x 24")$425
Large (approx 24" x 36") $975Giclee: 
Small (approx. 19" x 24")$525
Large (approx 24" x 36") $975
Large Hand Embellished - $1000
Small Hand embellished  - $2000
Nawahine Mural Detail
E Mau na Waiwai O Hawai’i, May the Ancient Wisdom and Timeless Treasures of Old Hawai’i Live On and On and On, 1992, Canoes on the Beach detail, Politec on concrete (each of two exterior walls are 8’ X 10’) 

The Kings’ Shops living history mural of life on the beach circa 1800’s.  Waikoloa, Hawai’i.
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Studio on the Big Island of Hawai'i
Canoes on the Beach
Grandma Laau