Approximately 18" x 24" - $650
The Right to Exist
from The Rama Exhibition
Has painting always been this mysterious?  I ask myself as I witness a giraffe appearing effortlessly on canvas.  Is Rama doing this?  My being?  the muses?  Was it you, Akeem coming to life?  When I began this painting, I sat in silence for hours in front of Rama's work, not knowing what animal would emerge.  In perfect clarity, the way was revealed.  Akeem was already there.  In every piece the design is revealed in Rama's breath and power.  I am so grateful to be the hands of skill for something so much wiser and greater than I am.  I kiss Akeem's head and paint another stroke. ~                                                 Calley O'Neill
Preliminary population estimates suggest that there is a decline in the total giraffe population.  If that continues, the species will warrant listing in a higher category of threat.  Efforts are currently under way to count giraffe populations more accurately, which will enable a more thorough determination of the conservation status of this species.
Art and Soul for the Earth
 Big Island of Hawai'i