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The Sea of Galilee at Annunciation Church in Waimea, Hawai'i
The Sea of Galilee, 2005, (7’ X 13’) Politec, paint of the Mexican mural masters, and special pearlescent, translucent acrylic paint with interference, on an interior mural, Annunciation Church, Kamuela, Hawai’i.

It has been recorded that many of the teachings of Jesus took place on the shores of Galilee.

Painting the hills and Sea of Galilee in northeast Israel in the Jordan Rift Valley, was a wonderful, albeit straightforward task, until Calley got the irresistible impulse to paint the Christ light above the horizon.   

Upon completing the mural, Calley decided to add a translucent pearlescent star to the center. Experimenting with high-tech pearlescent, translucent paints for the first time wasn’t enough to dissuade her from jumping right into the center to paint the star light.  The paint radically changes its translucent color depending on the viewer’s angle. The opalescence and color are quite pronounced from the sides and almost invisible from the front. The 'finishing touch' turned into weeks and then a solid month of painting until the entire painting was transformed with radiant light.  
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