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Seahorse numbers are in decline worldwide due to unscrupulous fishing practices and over harvesting, mostly for the Chinese medicine trade. In 2004, all seahorse species were listed under the Conservation of International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) as appendix II. This means that all trade of seahorses is strictly regulated and size limitations are imposed, ensuring that there is enough breeding activity to sustain the species.

November, 2017 - After 30 days (2 days per week, 8 hours per day) the seahorse painting is complete!  We are still contemplating the official title. If you have a good idea, send your suggestions to help us name this painting!

The seahorses are subtlety visible in this painting, although Calley did have fun building their skeletons by layering dots of primer to create their three dimensional appearance. After hours of painting each in minute detail, she then slightly blurred them to signify the sad reality of their disappearance.  

Yay!  The Seahorse is complete.  Due to the handy drips for the seahorses to cling to, Calley turned this painting sideways for a new twist on presentation.  Can you find the seahorses?  Alas, they are becoming harder to find in the ocean as well.
Size 22" by 17.5"
Medium:  Giclees and prints only
Artist Direct Prices

Lithographic Poster 16x20 - $50

Small (approx. 19" x 24")$525
Large (approx 24" x 36") $1000
Small Hand Embellished - $1000
Large Hand embellished  - $2000

Calley accepts all reasonable offers!
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